The Chairmans thoughts v Leyton Orient

The Chairmans thoughts v Leyton Orient

The Chairmans thoughts ahead of our game against Leyton Orient last Saturday.

I suppose the sun comes up every morning but I’m starting to wonder if we aren’t going through a period of eternal darkness . It’s been a while since we’ve had than winning feeling and it’s time to get back there .

Building a winning football ethos seems much like baking a cake , if a single ingredient isn’t quite right the cake simply won’t taste as it should .

We don’t seem a million miles away at times but the final product has to be more consistent than that . The lads are obviously frustrated but support from our bleed blue fans at the level we received on Tuesday evening will go a long way to helping everyone get through this .

It is a form of leadership that must at some point get the reward it deserves . It is sobering that in these economically difficult times we have supporters willing to sacrifice so much for the cause . We can only hope to reciprocate with our hard work and ambition .

Today we welcome Leyton Orient, a famous old league club who find themselves in somewhat unfamiliar territory in the National League . I am sure they are hoping for a swift return but they may learn it’s a difficult league to escape from .

We welcome their supporters to our home and hope they enjoy their day .

It is non league day , whatever that may mean . Everyday for us is non league day so I suppose it’s meaning is somewhat lost here . I think I’ll campaign for a name change . Something like , proper football played by normal people and watched by the salt of the earth who don’t need a mortgage to buy a season ticket day .
Has a certain ring to it .