The Chairmans Thoughts v Maidstone United

The Chairmans Thoughts v Maidstone United

As part of our bid to improve communication between the club and our supporters, the Chairmans programme notes will be available online after each home game.

Luck, the intangible! We generally only recognize it when it’s bad. When it’s good it’s obviously the result of our wisdom, or skill, or a warm glance from the divine, but it’s never random, or so we think. 

I’ve never been a great proponent of luck, good or bad, and while it appears our injury situation is unlucky, it probably goes deeper than that . We had a poor pre season from a preparation point of view. We clearly weren’t prepared to play on the opening day of the season and have been playing catch up ever since. Maybe, if Jimmy Dunne hadn’t been sent off it would all have been different, but I doubt it . 

We are where we are because we deserve to be where we are. We have made too many mistakes and not scored enough goals, not a recipe for being at the sharp end of the league . 

So we have entrusted Mickey Moore with sorting out the mess, none of which was his responsibility . We have found him to be honest , thoughtful, a good evaluator of a players worth and willing to adjust in games. He appears to be the right man for this time in our development, so we shall see. Winning a few football games will undoubtedly help all our mood, but theres a bigger picture here . 

We don’t have a football league infrastructure at present, far from it. While all that is happening , i believe we need a person in charge of our players who sees the bigger picture,  who is selfless when it’s important to be, who puts the team, and by that I mean all of us involved in  Barrow AFC including our supporters before any personal agenda. Those people are thin on the ground but we believe we have found one . 

So all I ask is that we all give him the opportunity to show his abilities . 

Today he has Maidstone in front of him in his first home game as the official manager of Barrow AFC . It is a big moment for him. 

Leyton Orient next week and I will be back in Barrow for that one so I hope to see everyone then for a catch up .