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Barrow AFC Community Sports is a not for profit company, which has been set up with the aim of using sport and physical activity to help the social and economic development of individuals and groups in the Furness Peninsular by operating a range of innovative projects, schemes and initiatives supporting education, health, social inclusion and sports participation. Our programmes include extensive work in schools; partnerships with local charities and organisations; support to government initiatives promoting health and well-being and sessions targeted at groups with disabilities or reducing anti social behaviour. We also work closely with the football club, to encourage engagement with the local community.  Our work includes everything from involving players in promoting participation in sport by having them attend afterschool clubs, hosting birthday parties, group visits and match day activities which include mascots. All our coaches are fully qualified and experienced coaches who know just what level to each specific school and class need. We plan and deliver to meet the needs of individual schools and organisations. For further details about any of the projects or activities we deliver please contact us on 01229 666011 or email Below is more information regarding what activities and projects we deliver; Schools

  • PE Curriculum coaching (Inspiring Infants)- We will provide lesson plans that link in fully with the national curriculum and meet the specific needs of individual pupils and support the school ethos of learning. We will deliver high quality sessions using innovative techniques and assessment for learning to ensure the pupils are learning and progressing throughout the year. One of our biggest and most exciting curriculum programs we offer is Inspiring Infants. (link to inspiring infants page)
  • Afterschool courses– We offer a wide range of afterschool courses for example; Football, Hockey, Basketball, Golf, Multi sport and Multi skill courses. These are run using the facilities at each school. We work for 6 weeks with the pupils working on different aspects of the sport specific to the course. At the end of the 6 weeks, their will be a presentation where children will accept awards in front of family, friends and guests. Each child will get an opportunity to win the ‘Super-Soccer Challenge’ and will also have a chance to win our treasure chest which is full, £100s of sporting goods.
  • Sports Days-. We can deliver school sports days. These can be themed or they can be traditional and can be the whole school together during a morning or and afternoon or a full day with individual classes. These can be designed specifically to meet the requirements of each individual school.
  • Special events – We also offer special events throughout the year.  Family fun days which can be held over a half day or a full day in your school or at an external venue, healthy eating seminars, Football Journalism projects.


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