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Austin Straker

Austin Straker



Nothing can replace the adrenalin rush you get from playing competitive sport. The anticipation and the excitement. You learn through competing that no matter how well you do there will be a pitfall around the corner whenever you start to think that you are better than you really are….but conversely, every time something goes wrong or you perform badly , you know that there will be a helping hand to pick you up, and there will always be another chance to get things back on track.

Apart from in my personal life, particularly with my family, my happiest and saddest moments have possibly all come through football. Whilst I have many great memories and very few regrets there are obviously one or two situations that I wish I could try again to see if there could have been a better outcome. This is the beauty of sport, you can’t all win every battle, and neither is there always a logic to who wins the war. So the reason for choosing to become involved in the Barrow Bluebirds project is to try to give others the chance to share in the beauty of the game whilst also deriving the adrenalin kick for myself, without actually having to run around. Those that know me will understand that I get passionately involved with every game that we play and take it very personally when fans, including our own, berate the players when mistakes are made. No-one makes a mistake deliberately and no-one expects to have an off day. Those are the times that a helping hand or a supportive word make all the difference. As a player I did not need to be told when I had “dropped a clanger”….but I still remember those around me who reassured me that things could and would improve if everyone remained resolute and “in it together”.

The journey so far has been monumental and the amount of work behind the scenes incredible. People do not always want to hear about such mundane issues but it is rewarding to see how the club has developed and is continuing to do so. Barrow AFC will thrive under the current leadership. There will be difficult times ahead but the positive memories being created by the true fans and the people involved at the club will form a fantastic part of my own memories into the distant future, and hopefully those of many other genuine Bluebirds.

The message now is simple. Get behind the squad, the board and moreover the Casson family who have undertaken to take us all on this venture. Austin Straker.


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