Main Stand Roof Damage – Update

Main Stand Roof Damage - Update

The main stand roof has been secured following damage sustained last week. Our game with Aldershot will proceed as planned




A local company came to secure the main stand roof after the damage it sustained last week. Following consultation with the local safety advisory board we will closing the “B” section of the stand along with a few seats in, on the second section. This is merely as a safety precaution.

We have recieved a quote for the repairs to the roof and initial scaffolding should go up early next week. With no further complications expected, we hope to have the roof fully repaired before the Macclesfield Town game on the 11th November.

Despite precuring insurance cover for £1 million, our insurance company will only be covering around 60% of the cost of the repairs, with the club needing to supplement the remaining 40%.